HTTP Requests - Image Fetch

HTTP Requests / Image Fetch

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The entire body of the request must consist of serialized JSON data.

Image Fetch uses the endpoint and allows you to provide a publicly available image URL for processing. That endpoint only accepts serialized JSON data with image processing steps along with a url property pointing to the image you want to process. Please be sure to set application/json as the Content-Type of your requests to the Image Fetch endpoint.

Requests fetching your images will come from the following IP address range: and will have SupaRes/1.0 User-Agent set in the headers.

If your assets are protected with HTTP Basic Auth, you may include a username and password as part of the image URL: https://user:[email protected]/image.jpg

An example cURL request to the Image Fetch endpoint would look like the following:

curl -X POST -u your-api-key: \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{
    "url": "",
    "upscale": {
        "factor": 4